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What is a Blockchain and Why Should You Care About It?

Today we're going to do something a little bit different and tackle the questions that, you know, newer people that are coming into the space have about Bitcoin and have about the blockchain.


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What is it that I want for my readers and viewers? – I want my readers and viewers to win. Pure and simple. I want you to become financially free.

What’s the value I add? – Ive educated hundreds of thousands of people on why they should buy crypto assets and how they can buy them. People that have listened to me have changed their financial lives in profound ways.

This podcast is about giving you the mental framework needed to become financially free.

My belief is. That crypto assets will result in the single largest redistribution of wealth the world has ever known. Over the next 10 years trillions of dollars will flow into these assets. My job is to help my viewers understand why they must get involved in this asset class / maybe while it’s still possible. And no matter what happens why they should hold.

In my interviews and videos, Ill be showing you how to acquire the mindset youll need to brave the mind-bending volatility present in the crypto space. Youll also learn how to evaluate new projects, what to look for, and what to avoid. 

I will guide you through a comprehensive education on what these assets are, how they work and why they are destined to become the largest asset class of our lives. 

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